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Word Grabber

SOFTENSTORM's LIVEBOOK is a free dictionary app which uses a rear camera to scanning texts, capture and lookup words in its dictionary, and translate the definitions using a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google. If you know a "pen scanner" before, this is the same but more enhanced and works on the iOS platform.


It's a free scanning dictionary app among other text recognition ones that can assist students and enthusiasts to learn new words from texts but doesn't ruin their English learning habits. LiveBook's dictionary has more than 150,000 words including technical terms and phrases.

You can use SoftenStorm's LiveBook on an airplane or even in a rural area because it doesn't require the internet.

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Perfect for Learning English From Books

This free dictionary app can point towards unfamiliar words on books and newspapers to capture and lookup their definitions, which you can translate them into 64 languages.


Practice pronunciation exercises, which also provide additional feedbacks right from a marvelous native accent dictation and recognition engine of the Apple iOS platform.

English Structure

Analyze complex sentences, which contain multiple clauses and phrases, so that you can understand them.


Challenge yourself with quizzes generated from the past lookups.

Reverse Lookup

Reverse lookup by using keywords contained in definitions.


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LiveBook is a free dictionary app, which its word grabber uses OCR camera for scanning words on texts by pointing and focusing on any words to capture, recognize, and lookup their definitions. In another word, it's a free optical character recognition dictionary app for books and newspapers. This word scanning dictionary also translates the definitions into 64 languages worldwide. It has a ton of features, for example, the history of past lookups, taking quizzes, exercising pronunciations, analyzing the structure of sentences, learning new words from reverse lookup, and more.
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