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Differences in SoftenStorm's LiveBook Subscriptions

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

LiveBook – a scanning dictionary or reverse dictionary app which uses iPhone OCR camera, for scanning texts to capture and lookup words in its dictionary with a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google, having in-app purchases and subscriptions that will come with benefits which help you to learn the English language better.

There are three plans in LiveBook's subscriptions, which are school student subscription, college student subscription, and enthusiast subscription. The school student subscription is free but has only 58,000 vocabularies in the dictionary, and it's free of charge. The college student and enthusiast subscription have more than 150,000 vocabularies, as the same as none-of-subscription, but you need to pay for a monthly fee.

All subscriptions come with unlimited times of translations and relevance images in lookup results, which the none-of-subscription doesn't have. Moreover, the none-of-subscription needs to purchase additional quotas, if it's depleting, which costs around 0.06-0.10 cents per query.

Differences between subscriptions of SoftenStorm's LiveBook scanning dictionary and reverse dictionary app.
Differences Between Subscriptions

Word Lookup

Lookup any words and phrases in the English language.

Reverse Word Lookup

Reverse lookup by using keywords contained in the definitions.

Lookup Using Rear Camera

Point towards unfamiliar words on books and newspapers to capture and get their definitions in the dictionary.

Total Words

The dictionary contains more than 150,000 words including technical terms and phrases, except the school student subscription which will have only 58,000 vocabularies.


Translate the definition into 64 languages, using a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google. This feature requires an internet connection.

Relevance Images in Lookup Results

A set of relevance images will be displayed in all lookup results if there are representative images of that word. This feature requires an internet connection.

History of Lookups

All lookups in your history will be displayed as a collection of bubbles, together with a timeline interface which you can navigate from past to present.

Take a Quiz

Challenge yourself with quizzes generated from the past lookups.

Practice Pronunciation

Practice pronouncing of any words, which also provides feedback using a marvelous native accent dictation and recognition engine of the iOS platform.

Sentence Structure Analyzer

Analyze complex sentences, which contain multiple causes and phases, so that you can understand them.

Don't hesitate to download. It's free on the App Store:

Privacy Policy and Terms of Services:

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