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LiveBook – Scanning Dictionary and Reverse Dictionary App

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

SoftenStorm's LiveBook is a scanning dictionary app to learn new words from books and newspapers by scanning words on texts using iPhone OCR camera.

  • Point towards unfamiliar words on books and newspapers to capture and get their definitions in its dictionary which has more than 150,000 words including technical terms and phrases.

  • Translate those definitions into 64 languages using a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google.

  • Practice pronunciation exercises, which also provide additional feedbacks right from a marvelous native accent dictation and recognition engine of the Apple iOS platform.

  • Analyze complex sentences, which contain multiple clauses and phrases, so that you can understand them.

  • Challenge yourself with quizzes generated from the past lookups.

  • Reverse lookup by using keywords contained in definitions.

  • All information is kept in iCloud, which shared across your devices.

  • You can use SoftenStorm's LiveBook on airplanes or even in rural areas because it doesn't require the internet.

  • Any college student and enthusiast subscribers will receive the complementaries of unlimited times of translation and relevance images right from lookup results

All Improvements From the Last Version

  • Revamped capabilities, speed, features, and stabilities.

  • All have been redesigned and engineered.

  • Practicing pronunciation exercises are more intuitive.

  • Taking quizzes are more challenging and more educating.

  • This new version introduces a new sentence structure analyzer and reverse lookup.

  • With an innovative translation engine from Google, other offline dictionaries were removed.

Download LiveBook on the App Store:

Privacy Policy and Terms of Services:

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