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Reading the English Novel Using LiveBook App

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

The biggest problem we have seen while reading any English novels is having too many of vocabularies.

The average reading speed of an intermediate level of the English reading is 200 to 250 words a minute in non-technical material or roughly 2 minutes per page. Do you know that within 15 pages of the Harry Potter contains more than 50 vocabularies for the intermediate level of an English reader? And each time when you have to open a standard dictionary, it may take more than one minute per a word. So that in total, you could finish 15 pages of Harry Potter in more than 1.5 hours.

A series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K. Rowling
Harry Potter Collection

You could use a dictionary app on your iPhone to perform the lookup, too. But it also takes time when you have to look back and forth between your book and your phone, typing each character, fixing mistyped, getting tried after doing it around 15-20 times, and then deciding to stop reading it. This is exactly why the intermediate level of an English reader struggles in reading any novels.

Fortunately, LiveBook can assist you to lookup all vocabularies faster where its word grabber can scanning texts, capture, and lookup each word within 5 seconds, so that you could finish them within an hour, instead.

Behind the engine, LiveBook uses a rear camera in the back of your phone to perform optical character recognition of each word while your phone is moving along the texts. When you halt at any word around 4-5 seconds, the word grabber will be activated, scanning it, capture and lookup the word for you automatically.

So it's the advantage of having LiveBook as your dictionary for reading any English novels. Moreover, you could use it on any newspapers, books, magazines, and even your iPad and laptop screens, with more than 150,000 words in the dictionary including technical terms and phrases.

Another advantage of using LiveBook is that it has a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google, which can translate all of the definitions into 64 languages worldwide. We give a trial quota of 250 times for free for those who have done the first installation which you can purchase more additional quota sooner or later. For those who want to use this feature more frequently, you may purchase an unlimited subscription for $1.99 per month so that it won't cost you more than $1.99 a month.

To promote welfare in children, we provide a free subscription for each primary and high school student, so that they can lookup any word up to K12 level with unlimited times of translations for free, but restricted in explicit words and technical terms.

We also promote welfare in youngs and adults who are still in college by reducing the price of their subscription, which has the same features as the regular one but including unlimited times of translations and relevance images appearing in lookup results, to just $0.99 per month only, effective on 20th January 2020.

Don't hesitate to download. It's free on the App Store:

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