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Remember the Correct Utterance of New Words

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

While you are reading, after you found new words that you aren't familiar with, and are attempting to remember them, you might tend to generate their vocal sounds in your head which has a high chance of wrong pronunciation. It either makes you can't catch all the spoken English language or unable to communicate with native, because of the unfamiliar vocal sounds in your head.

If you would like to fix those, you may rely on LiveBook in complement which will let you hear their pronunciation by using a world-class text-to-speech engine of the iOS platform. It is an excellent choice for English students to learn new vocabularies especially when they want to remember their sound.

Comparing with the others in the App Store, they might provide text-to-speech too, but rather than pronouncing each word, they mostly read the whole paragraph. If you are using them, you have to push more effort and lose your precious time while waiting for the word, too.

SoftenStorm's LiveBook thinks differently, it will instantly pronounce the word for you by just using its word grabber to scan, point, and capture the word that you want to learn within 4-5 seconds.

An example of lookups using SoftenStorm's LiveBook scanning dictionary and reverse dictionary app
It says "intellectual" while scanning.

Furthermore, when you have got some definitions from your current dictionary, there might also have some vocabulary in those definitions which you might familiar with but with a wrong utterance.

To unlearn and relearn, LiveBook will help you cope with them by reading those definitions for you so that you can master them. This approach will help you hearing and speaking the English language better because of remembering their right tone of pronunciations.

With the right pronunciations are not enough, LiveBook also has IPA symbols for each vocabulary, so that for those who are capable of reading the symbols can develop and make more progress in their pronunciation practicing, too.

Beyond that, LiveBook also lets you try pronouncing any word and gives feedback on your accent in what a native English speaker will recognize, for example, tea, tree, or three, right from a marvelous native accent dictation and recognition engine of the iOS platform.

LiveBook also has these features:

  • Point towards unfamiliar words on books and newspapers to capture and get their definitions in its dictionary which has more than 150,000 words including technical terms and phrases.

  • Translate those definitions into 64 languages using a highly sophisticated translation engine from Google.

  • Analyze complex sentences, which contain multiple clauses and phrases, so that you can understand them.

  • Challenge yourself with quizzes generated from the past lookups.

  • Reverse lookup by using keywords contained in definitions.

  • You can use SoftenStorm's LiveBook on airplanes or even in rural areas because it doesn't require the internet.

Don't hesitate to download. It's free on the App Store:

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