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The Word Grabber of LiveBook

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

LiveBook's word grabber is a process of acquiring words or phrases from a rear camera using machine learning and optical text recognition technology to pre-check and convert optical images to texts. While turning on, the word grabber will consecutively sample the images from the rear camera in milliseconds, asynchronously analyzing their boundaries, assigning to workers, performing image pre-processing, recognizing texts, checking for phrases, and displaying the lookup results.

Sampling the Images

The word grabber captures video frames in milliseconds as inputs before send to a boundary analyzer, to swiftly display the results without lagging.

Analyzing Text Boundaries

The word grabber uses a computer vision and machine learning to rapidly detect texts. It will know if the user has pointed to a background or an area without any text, and skip those frames before assigning them to workers. The word grabber also pauses the recognition and camera when the view has been lost to the background.

Assigning to Workers

LiveBook plans to use multiple workers to perform word grabbling, which will harness the computing power of the later generations of the iPhone and iPad's power processing house, including CPU, GPU, and Neural Engine.

Performing Image Pre-Processing

LiveBook's word grabber uses the Auto Enhance of the iOS platform to achieve the most perfect image pre-processing of the burst video frames before sending them to the text recognizer. It doesn't only correct the color and saturation but also correct the white balance of the images. So that you can use the word grabber in a room with cool or warm white lights, a park with sunny or shade, an airplane with a dim or opened-windows atmosphere.

Recognizing Texts

The word grabber uses a well-trained and optimized optical text recognition from Google, confining it to the text boundaries to deliver the most efficient speed of recognizing texts from pre-processed images.

Checking for Phrases

LiveBook's dictionary has more than 150,000 words and phrases which the word grabber will use to check and expand each current focusing word into a full phrase, as long as possible, and make you surprise that it has a different meaning than you think especially phrasal verbs.

Displaying Lookup Results

Last but not least, the word grabber will forward each word or phrase to a final procedure that will display a fantastic lookup result, especially if you have subscribed to a college student or an enthusiast subscription which will show relevance images along with lookup result. After that, it will be remembered in your lookup history where you can review, take quizzes, and practice pronunciations. Moreover, it will be immediately stored in iCloud and shared among your other devices.

An example result from a college student and enthusiast subscription
Paid Subscription Example

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