This StackBlend Studio is a free editor for website development enthusiasts, not only for full-stack engineers, who want to develop a web application using the latest open source technologies based on JavaScript language. The StackBlend will help you cope with front-end, back-end, UI/UX, and content in a single one editor. You may design the user interface right from the editor, configure their properties and data dot notations, link them to fully customizable server-side scripts, and get the results back on the client-side using less than 10 lines of code, where the rests are auto-generated by the editor.

This tool is provided under GNU GPL-3.0 license and can be accessed through


This tool will generate an transparent image with the expected aspect ratio and create an HTML code for copying into your webpage.

It's the frequent problem that everyone who cut the website layout have to face it, especially when you use 100% width applied to an image element to fit on any fluid layout, you will found that some content will have an unexpected height at the first time of loading which screws up the whole design.